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About Freemasonry
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About Freemasonry

I am a Mason because:

  1. It gives me a greater opportunity to work with like-thinking men.
  2. It teaches tolerance and harmonious living with all men. Thus, it helps all men to cooperate with each other without rancor or jealousy.
  3. The brotherhood of Freemasonry, based on a belief in God, provides an aim in life to which all men should subscribe.
  4. It helps one to get to that certain point of self-confidence that will help him to become an effective instrument in society.
  5. Freemasonry teaches the doctrine of the dignity of the human individual and the sacredness of his work.
  6. Freemasonry develops leaders who can stand up and express their ideas with beauty and precision.
  7. Freemasonry asks no member to believe in anything that his mind does not tell him is reasonable.

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